The 11 Principles to Transform Grief and Loss

With this online program, you will have the opportunity to embark on a meaningful journey that will help you transform your loss and transform your life. 

We all experience losses: loss of a loved one, loss of health, opportunities, hope... We all face difficult transitions that pull us out of our comfort zone and throw us into panic, suffering, and confusion.

These are the moments that change us completely – for better, or worse. If you are confronting one of these moments, my heart is with you.

You probably feel alone and misunderstood, even if loved ones are trying to help. The thing they don’t understand is that you don’t need “fixing.” But you do need something to help you handle this. So what is it?  

What you truly need is a helping hand to hold, but the hand of a person who knows how to guide you.

You feel a lot of pain, fear, anxiety, or even a loss of balance in your life while you try to deal with what happened. Coping with grief and heartache is painful, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.

You shouldn’t. Facing the darkness with a huge void in your heart will only make that void bigger.

If you’re going through a tough time, growing as a person is probably the last thing on your mind. But let me tell you this...this is a chance for you to gather your strength and change your life for the better.

  1. If you lost a loved one, you could change your suffering into honoring.
  2. If you are facing a divorce, you can turn your sorrow into empowerment.
  3. If you lost your job, you could change your frustration into success.

Either way, your life has changed - because when there is a loss, there is always change.

You might think you can’t go any further. You might think there’s no point or purpose to even trying to handle this. But there is, and you will find the way.

The price you pay for not doing anything about it? Long days and nights of sorrow, confusion, and grief. Instead, you can turn these strong emotions into resources.

What if you could find a way to use those powerful resources that lie inside of you, start healing from the inside out, and embrace hope and joy again?

Let me show you how I can help you…

The 11 Principles of Transformation model is built on elements from post-traumatic growth, positive psychology, NLP, mindfulness, and cognitive behavior therapy, to give you a laid-out set of principles you can follow to embrace and transform your loss, turning it into empowerment.

This system for going through life-changing events was introduced in my self-help book “Transform Your Loss: Your Guide to Strength and Hope,” and it’s what I’ve been using for years to help thousands of people accept the unthinkable and move on with purpose and meaning.

This book is FREE if you live in the USA

The system is based on 11 principles that you can use to get through any difficult time in your life and turn these moments of sorrow and frustration into moments of clarity, self-realization, and strength.

These principles will help you heal a broken heart, turn a painful loss into an inspiration for a new journey.

And become a better version of yourself as a result.


Here’s how this 12-week program will change your life: 

A new perspective. – Embracing these 11 principles will help you develop resilience and confidence, achieving a much-needed balance in your life. You’ll walk away with a completely different set of values that will keep you focused on bringing more positivity, acceptance, and joy into your life – no matter what happens.

Personal growth. - You will be able to rebuild your life with purpose, and meaning, and grow emotionally and spiritually despite your loss. To experience a real healing breakthrough, you have to face your grief and deal with it instead of ignoring it, and doing so will open your eyes to a whole new world.

Do it at your own pace. – When dealing with pain, it’s essential that we feel comfortable and relaxed. You will get help dealing with what happened from the comfort of your own home, where you can be the real you.


In this program, I will help you transform your loss and transform your life by embracing and working on these 11 principles; 


Principle 1: Acceptance vs. Denial. Remember: Acceptance does not mean being passive, or forgetting. It’s merely the first step to transforming your life for the better.

Principle 2: When we experience a loss we grieve.  It's natural. In this principle,  you will learn how to process your grief so you can embrace life again.

Principle 3: Connecting With Your Inner Self – because inside of you, there are answers to all unanswered questions of the world. 

Principle 4: Learning how to validate the emotions you’re experiencing and understand their meaning.

Principle 5: Developing meaningful communication so that you can feel understood and supported.

Principle 6: Learning how to pay attention to your needs and develop new, empowering habits.

Principle 7: Understanding the value of daily rituals and how to use them to deal with this or anything else that may come your way.

Principle 8: Learning how to let go of the past, stop worrying about the future and enjoy the now.

Principle 9: Learning how to change the way you feel by changing the way you think.

Principle 10: Learning how to use your inner resources to create a new mindset and a new life.

Principle 11: Becoming the architect of your destiny.

This program is perfect for you if:

  1. You recently lost a loved one…
  2. You lost your job or missed on a career or business opportunity…
  3. You experienced intense physical or emotional pain…
  4. You feel like having someone who understands you by your side will help.
  5. You want to be happy again!


Are you ready to become a better version of yourself and be happier? 

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